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About Us

Rife Research, Europe is a private inititive devoted to providing reliable, independant and well referenced material on the Rife microscope, frequency therapy and their modern counterparts.

Researching and verifying the information found on this site costs a lot of money which has mainly been paid for through the private resources of the site owner - Peter Walker.

Rife Research, Europe is behind the following Rife related online resources:

This website, a tremendous online resource for Rife related material

Our Rife online encyclopedia - Currently being filled with new articles

Our online Forum when you can discuss all aspects of Rife related material

Modern microscope with similar capabilities to Rife microscope

Please Help Us Provide an Even Better Service

With more resources, we could do even more and provide an even better service to those looking for information on Rife.

If you have been helped by the information and assistance made available thorough our free services - we therefore ask you to make a donation as your way of saying thank-you.

Any funds received will be used entirely to cover the costs of further Rife related research which will be reported on this and our other Rife related websites.

To donate and say thank-you, just click here.

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© 1999-2017, Peter Walker
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