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Rife's microscopes were revolutionary in both resolution and magnification even compared to today's microscopes. One of the most common critiscisms is the alleged ability to resolve beyond the Abbe limit, which restricts most optical microscopes even today. We look at some of the research work that provide some confirmation for the capabilities of Rife's microscopes.

For a modern day microscope with similar optical resolution capabilities, we suggest having a closer look at the SeeNano microscope (see www.grayfieldoptical.com for details).

Chromatic Microscope Illumination Device
Robert Zane Pagr, Springfield, VA, USA. 24th Feb 1959

A primary object is to provide an illumination system which will serve the purpose of and obviate the need for chemical staining of specimens undergoing microscopic examination. Additionally, improvement of the illumination of living microorganisms where the fine, microscopic structural details are made available without the need for staining....

Diatoms to Division - What Are You Looking At?
Tim Richardson, Canada - Vol 33/1 Proceedings RMS, March 1998

This article examines the history, types and uses of test slides, the problems that can be encountered, and a novel new test slide solution.

New Light Microscope for Nano Imaging!
Peter Walker, New Scientist Nanatechnology Suppliment, Page 12, 16th August 2006

An optical light microscope capable of resolving <100nm using reflected and <250nm with transmitted light. The lens system has been developed, refined and produced over a period of more than 30 years in Germany. This technology makes use of a white light source and a unique and highly optimised optical system using a different approach to optics and mathematics where the maximum resolution limits do not apply. Variable depth of field, between null and 40-80x normal, is no longer interdependent with resolution and magnification.

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