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New Historical Rife Documents


New Historical Rife Documents
Released by researchers Jimmie Holman and Paul Dorneanu

We are pleased to present here new historical documents about Royal Rife, etc. for release here on

On this page, we provide a number of downlodable documents.

We start with their own announcment.

On behalf of, thanks to Jimmie Holman and Paul Dorneanu for providing this information for release here.


Paul Dorneanu and Jimmie Holman of Pulsed Technologies, (,, are pleased to be able to freely share a significant portion of their Rife-related materials gathered and compiled over the better part of the last two decades.

After the San Diego "Rife Laboratory years", Royal Raymond Rife became affiliated with John Crane. While many have questioned the integrity of Crane, his motives and this affiliation in general, most people can agree that without this association, much of our present knowledge of Rife would have been lost. Even into the 1980s, John Crane maintained a close working relationship with a group in Texas, which included the manufacture and production of equipment. Film clips in Cranes possession were converted from film to analog video tape with a live narration by Crane done in a Dallas studio on one of those early visits. Documents, video and notebooks have been in safe storage most of this time.

Mr. Holman and Mr. Dorneanu are pleased to be able to freely share this content with you and hope it gives others, as it has given us, inspiration and insights into the underlying technology. Enjoy the documents, and please share them with others!

Long thought by many to be lost to history, Rife's legendary masterpiece, his #3 Universal Microscope is undergoing restoration in competent and humble hands. By special permissions, we are very pleased to be able to release the majority of our detailed photos so that other researchers may get a better glimpse and appreciation of this engineering marvel. Holman and Dorneanu will not disclose in detail the location of the device, asking that folks grant the "recovering patient" some well-deserved privacy while its "health" is being lovingly restored.

This collection of photos includes Rife's personal framed copy of the November 20, 1931 banquet, which was held to honor Dr. Kendall and Dr. Rife. The reverse side contained a complete guest list as well as photographer notations.

It was recently revealed on one or more of the Rife technology mailing lists that Pulsed Technologies and associates were heavily involved with specific energetic research in Eastern Europe, targeting such biological issues as Candida, toxic molds and Lyme. Candida Albicans was specifically selected (despite the difficulties in studying it), as the microorganism naturally common to every living person. Its overgrowth has a wide-ranging impact on people's health, and Candidiasis is among the most often overlooked or misdiagnosed of all diseases in western allopathic medicine. Soon into the studies, Mr. Holman and Mr. Dorneanu realized that unique methods and protocols for handling the specimens would need to be developed, along with strategies for plasma exposure and other treatment protocols. The unconventional biological studies from Pulsed Technologies will eventually carry over into future biological, environmental, and chemical/molecular studies.

Pulsed Technologies is devoted to studying and developing the science and physics involved in a wide range of modalities. Whenever possible, the company will continue to share these technical breakthroughs with the Rife community. Holman and Dorneanu intend to release other documents of interest from their collection in the near future.

Both, the released Rife documents and video, as well as our preliminary Candida notes, may be freely viewed and downloaded from the European (Romanian) website www.PulsedTech.RO. Paul, Jimmie, and the Pulsed Technologies group wish you the very best, and sincerely hope you find the content to be of interest and value in your education and research.

For direct downloads and mirrors please go to www.PulsedTech.RO.

Peter Walker has also kindly made these files available via
www.Rife.DE  (below)


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Candida (3.3 MB)
Research, Considerations, Protocols, and Collected Reference

Nemescope (10 MB)
Contrary to popular belief, Nemescope inventor Elmer Pierre Nemes did NOT die in a barroom brawl in the early 1960s as is often reported. In fact it is documented that he met in 1968 with Rife, Crane, and associates and jointly worked to varying degrees to apparently merge both microscope technologies.

Rife Microscope (3.8 MB)
Resurrection of a masterpiece - Royal Raymond Rife's Legendary #3 Microscope

Rife Manual, by John Crane (56 MB)
After the closing of the Rife Research Laboratory, Rife's affilition with John Crane produced an abundance of semi-organized documentation.

This particular notebook was entitled simply Rife Manual - Electron Therapy. Content was authored by both Rife and Crane as well as assembled from other sources. Many detailed specifics and interpretations are given often tying together the relationships of sound, color, acupuncture, herbal and other modalities to be used along with the frequency therapy.

Some refer to this content as his Polarity Research Manual.

Rife - Crane - Johnson Letters (48.8 MB)
The papers, correspondence and notes of Royal Rife, Milbank Johnson, John Crane and associates have given us a wealth of insight into the history and mindsets of what occured in the years of the original Rife Research Laboratory and subsequent related activities up until the early or mid-90s.

 Rife Way, by Mark Simpson (0.5 MB)
This article was taken from Issue 2 of the Electrus Newsletter on Bio-Electronics, November 1990.

Mark Simpson (electrician, musician, composer) became interested in Rife after hearing an audio cassette on the subject in 1987. Mark and others soon began researching the feasibility of microbe blasting. The following article examines Rife's personal history, describes microbe blasting and gives the reader enough information to recreate something very close to the original Rife Ray (frequencies included), which is said to have healed many cancers and other diseases. Mark and his brave band of anonymous New Age health nuts have begun their humanitarian quest to prove the theory true or false and if possible make microbe killing a worldwide everyday reality.

Rife Way III, by Mark Simpson (17.9 MB)
After the closing of the Rife Research Laboratory, Rife's death, personal confinement and other setbacks, until his death in 1995, John Crane and others continued to pursue ther legacy of Rife technology as well as that of their later combined efforts.

Mr. Crane had a working relationship with a group which became known as the Dallas Rife Research Group. Mark Simpson, one of the founding members, made several attempts at a self published work which documented pretty well the thinking and state of the art at that time. His third version, completed around 1991 was the most complete of his efforts. It was alleged, Mark was murdered not too long after this version of the document was assembled.

Mark's wishes were clearly expressed that this information be made freely available so that it could be easily shared with others.

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