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Rife in Europe today


Rife in Europe, Today!


The Rife microscope #5 is to be found in London and a modern microscope with similar optical capabilities (yet using a different principle) has been developed in Germany. Unlike the Rife microscope, the SeeNano microscope is commercially available.

Resonance Therapy

Whereas Rife resonance therapy in the USA is restricted to private researchers and is not allowed to be used in official clinics, the situation in Europe is somewhat different.

There were plenty of signs that the Rife method of treatment is beginning to take off, here in Europe. As long as the equipment meets the Medical CE requirements (European certification similar to FDA approval in the USA) and has been issued with the appropriate certificate, such units can be legally sold and used by doctors, clinics, hospitals, etc. here (at least for private patients). It is unlikely that the Rife treatment will receive approval for treatment under the health care systems typical in European countries. For example, in Germany everybody has health insurance run by the health care organisations. Private health insurance can be added as a supplement or alternative for those people who are either self-employed or earn more than a certain amount of money each month.

Serious research work into Rife therapy has been performed by Prof. Andras Szasz in Hungary and this led to the development of the Oncotherm hyperthermia equipment which implements a "Rife" modulation in the therapy. This equipment is in use throughout Europe in many clinics and hospitals and various studies have been performed.

There are many other companies who have developed and market similar frequency therapy devices that are fully certified (medical CE certification) for use in Europe. All such equipment sold and used in Europe needs to have such certification, which is possible to achieve (unlike in the USA where official FDA and AMA approval is virtually impossible).

Rife therapy is available and used in many countries of Europe. As this website is based in Germany, we will be looking particually at equipment available and even made in Germany.

Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance therapy is well known and practiced in Germany using the BioMed unit. Bioresonance has been well researched by major institutions and has been looked at favorably.

On the following pages, we will be taking a closer look at various aspects of Rife related research and similar technologies often inspired by the work of Rife.

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