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Google "Rife" and you will find a few pages with negative urban legends about Rife therapy sprinkled with negative terms to enforce the point. On this page, we want to look at who is creating these urban legends, what they are saying, and what the view of Rife researchers are to these stories.

Who Are These Skeptics

While it is natural to have a healthy skepticism about any form of medical treatment (either allopathic or natural medicine), such skepticism should normally lead to an informed analysis of both sides of the story.
There are, however, a group of people who call themselves "Skeptics", who deliberately paint a very negative picture of Rife therapy based on poor or falsely reported facts filled with terms like "Quack", "dangerous", and many other such loaded terms, without providing any scientific evidence to back up such statements.

In particular, alternative medicine related pages on Wikipedia are completely controlled by such "Skeptics", as can be seen by the highly biased editing of the Royal Rife page on Wikipedia. Other websites present themselves as some kind of public service, yet in reality are associated with people of questionable background and have admitted in court to be sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, FDA and AMA. See: www.negretelaw.com, http://bolenreport.com and http://www.quackpotwatch.org

Responding to the Critics

Up until now, the Rife community has done very little to answer and debunk the negative urban legends these people have written to discourage people from investigating Rife therapy.

A typical example is the Royal Rife page on Wikipedia, which is full of half truths and negative comments about Rife therapy. Although Wikipedia claims to be unbiased, this is not true of the page relating to Royal Rife, as all attempts by Rife experts to correct such biased reporting are immediately deleted, usually supported by poor rationales. The skeptics are in full control of alternative health pages on Wikipedia, etc.

On this page, we want to look at these urban legends and discuss what is true and false from the point of view of those actually involved in Rife research - as opposed to the opinion of those who have a vested interest in suppressing knowledge about Rife technology.

The urban legends are listed here by the term used as a title in the respective urban legend. Instead of repeating the actual urban legend here in full, our reports will simply concentrate on putting the story right.

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