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Holt's Documentation

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Documents from Dr. Holt

The following documents were provided by Dr. Holt - they are all in PDF format and we are providing them without comment or endorsement. Most of these were not written by Dr. Holt, yet provide information relevant to his work.

Patient Info
Cancer a Definition
Clinical Cancer Research
DNA Tunings
Effect of Whole-Body Hyperthermia on Murine-Interferon
Evaluation of the Perth Experience in Treating with Ionizing and VHF Radiations
Holt's Description
Hyperthermic Oncology: Historic Aspects and Future Trends
Microwave Power Absorption Differences Between Normal and Malignant Tissue
Polycontrast Image-Processing

To read the papers published by Dr. John Holt, please see the Bibliography page.

Peter Walker, the author of this website, presented the work of Dr. John Holt at two Rife Conferences (2004 and 2006) in Seattle, Washington, USA.

During preperation for the 2006 conference, Peter contacted Dr. Holt directly and received the documents and further information that is presented here.

His method has also been discussed on the Rife Forum as well (membership required).

Dr. Holt's: Essentials of Cancer

Dr. Holt's most important work has however not been published in the official journals.

We received this book directly from Dr. John Holt as a hard copy and we scanned it into a PDF document. Dr. John Holt also gave us permission to distribute it.

In this 172 page book, Holt explains his therapy in great detail complete with images, diagrams, case historys, etc. and provides simple explanations so that even a layperson can follow his reasoning.

The Essentials of Cancer
Cause and Cure: Methods

Described & Illustrated
with Simple Explanations

By John A. G. Holt,

Download the book here (PDF, 172 Pages, 21 MB)

The Enigma of Cancer
Shortened version of the Essentials of Cancer
as originally released in the Newsletter of the
Cancer Support Association of Western Australia,
Vol 17, No. 1-4, Feb.-May 2002

Download the article here (PDF, 22 Pages, 11.5 MB)

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