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In Memory of Aubrey Scoon

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Aubrey Scoon (1960-2009)

Aubrey Scoon, a well known Rife reseacher, excellent engineer and member of the British Rife Group, died of a heart attack on March 19, 2009 at the age of 49.

I managed to speak to Aubrey Scoon's Mexican widow on the phone about his recent death. She gave me her permission to pass on the following details:

Aubrey had been complaining about feeling unwell for the past 9 months and he attributed this to having an ulcer. Aubrey never liked going to the doctor and his wife kept telling him to have a check-up. He went to the doctor and Aubrey told him he thought he had an ulcer and the doctor just gave him medicine for ulcers without performing any tests.

In the last few days, he had been complaining that his ulcer was getting worse and his wife suggested that maybe he had something else - but they never suspected a heart problem. His father did have a history of heart attacks and his wife was surprised that Aubrey, who knew so much about medicine, never thought it could be a heart problem.

On March 19, he was in Oxford with a long term friend of his, who indeed is a medical doctor, when he collapsed with obvious signs of a heart attack. The emergency services were called and he was even able to call his wife to tell her how what was happening. She took that as his way of saying goodbye without actually daring to say those words. He died very quickly and his wife felt he knew that he was going to die. The doctor tried hard to save him, but was unable to. The autopsy revealed that he had a blocked artery and that had caused the heart attack - there were no signs of any ulcers.

Aubrey leaves behind a wife and a 10 year old son. His widow is now planning to move back to Mexico as she has no family in the UK. I expressed our condolences for her loss and she wants to express her thanks for all the good wishes she has received from people in the Rife community.

She gave me permission to mirror the contents of Aubrey's website, on, and was honoured that he is being remembered that way.

I had the good fortune to have known Aubrey personally, having met him in the UK back in 2002. I have exchanged countless emails and phone calls with him and considered him a friend.

He first became known to the Rife world when he wrote an excellent article about Rife in a UK electronics magazine: The End To All Disease?

He was instrumental in purchasing, retro-engineering and rebuilding an original Hoyland machine. He also produced a modern equivalent of the Rife circuitry that he published on his now defunct web site:

At the end of 2002, he withdrew from the Rife world for personal reasons. One of the last things he did was to help setup the Rife Forum by suppling a number of articles for the Rife FAQ section.

In order to preserve his writings for the future, the contents of his website have now been mirrored on this website with his widow's full permission. For technical reasons, the order of the articles have been changed, yet the articles themselves have remained intact and complete.


Peter Walker
10 June 2009.

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