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John Holt and the Media

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John Holt was virtually unknown until Australia's Channel 9 "A Current Affair" (ACA) program, hosted by Ray Martin, took up the story on 9th August 2004.

In a series of programs up to 29th September 2005, they interviewed a number of his patients with remarkable cases and portrayed Dr. Holt as a doctor who had developed a treatment that thousands of patients claimed to have worked for them, yet the medical establishment was ignoring and even ridiculing this treatment.

After the first such program, the establishment replied in newapaper articles criticising the Tronado machine, used by Holt, and that their was no scientific evidence to back his claims!

The next program from ACA pointed out that John Holt had not used the Tronado machine for 15 years, the establishment had not even bothered to find out what he was doing in the past 15 years, despite repeated requests from hin for scientific studies to be carried out.

As all his requests for such studies had been rejected, how could there been any scientific proof of the effectivness of his therapy!

Meanwhile, literally thousands of his patients were lobbying on behalf of John Holt with remarkable stories of how his methods had helped them.

Due to the public uproar caused by the series of TV programs, the Australian health minister was forced to launch a public enquiry looking into Dr. Holt's therapy. Dr. Holt himself retired at the end of June 2005.

On the 29th Sept 2005, the study was released and the report basically claimed the therapy was not any better than conventional therapies.

Two of Australia's TV News channels aired their 8-minute segments concerning the results of that enquiry into Dr Holt's cancer therapy. TV Channel 9's presenter (pro-Dr Holt) Ray Martin had Australia's federal Minister for Health as a guest in his Newsroom studio to announce the long-awaited findings of the 12-months long official investigation of Dr Holt's radiowave therapy and its results. Presenter Ray Martin again took a pro-Dr Holt stand.

The other TV channel (Channel 7) News report went one step further, reporting that the medical council is now calling for an official move to shut down the Dr Holt cancer clinic in Perth in order to "protect the public and cancer sufferers".

This is a contest between the allopathic medical cancer industry and supporters of Dr Holt's effective and proven radio-wave cancer therapy. The Australian National Health and Medical Research Council did not find in favour of Dr Holt. As would be expected in light of their medical and financial politics.

The TV News report included a new development: the Australian cancer industry authorities, pointing to these latest findings of the NHMRC are now calling for Medicare payments to patients of Dr Holt Clinic to be cut off. And the clinic to be shut down. To "protect" the public, etc.

It is ironic that medicine is Peer reviewed, yet on the panel there where no peers, not one was even close to the qualifications of Dr Holt.

Official Review of Holt's therapy

The official review of his therapy can now be downloaded from the National Health and Medical Research Council website.

The clinic in Australia closed in May 2015. Research is however continuing and a clinical trial is planned for the future.

Reaction to the Official Review by Dr. John Holt

In an interview with Dr. Holt, I asked him about how the government committee had assessed his therapy.

John Holt:
They have never assessed it. Nobody has ever seen a patient I have treated. The three enquires just setup a committee to look at the results, so say, but they never bothered with that, they never asked me for the results, they never asked me for the figures.

So they just invented a report?

John Holt:
Yes ... as my wife just pointed out, most of the patients I treat are those that failed with every other method and I can still get those results.

John sent me an important document describing his work. That document, called The Essentials of Cancer is very interesting and written, where possible, in simple terms. Dr. John Holt has given up trying to get it published in the official journals and was pleased that the Rife community took such an interest in his work.

When asked about Rife, after reviewing some material we sent him, he was very impressed saying that Rife had worked out his method by acute observation with a powerful microscope, whereas he (John Holt) had worked out his own method via pure mathemetics.

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