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The SeeNano Microscope


As fascinating as the Rife Microscope is, there are no known original working Rife microscopes still in existance today and many scientists question the capabilities of the historical Rife microscope due to its apparent ability to resolve beyond the optical limits of half a wavelength as defined by Abbe. Modern science tells us that light optical microscopes cannot resolve below 250 nanometres and magnify more than 1600x and provide more detail (true magnification).

Yet there are a number of researchers who have developed microscopes which claim to resolve beyond this limit. These include the Somatoscope by Gaston Naessons in Canada, the Richardson microscope by Tim Richardson in Canada (now no longer available), and the SeeNano microscopes that are due to be released soon by Grayfield Optical inc.

The SeeNano Microscopes

These new microscopes are due for release in mid 2017 and are capable of resolving better than 100nm with variable depth of field and full color contrast, otherwise unheard of with conventional light optical microscopes. The special grayfield contrast method allows for full contrast colour imaging of living unstained samples in real time under natural white light.

Although the SeeNano microscope uses a different proprietry approach to optics than Rife did, these microscopes provide an optical microscope today that allows for living samples to be cultured in an enclosed heated chamber and observed in real time while various medicines can be injected into the chamber. This allows medical researchers to determine within about an hour if a certain medicine is effective or not.

For more information and example images and videos, on this remarkable microscope, please look at their website:

SeeNano prototype (subtect to change)
SeeNano prototype (subtect to change)
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