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Published Papers

There have been a number of papers, published in the official literature relating to electronic frequency methods, similar to the Rife effect. On the following pages, we simply wish to reference some of these papers for those looking for good references. Where possible, we have provided direct links to the full article.

FDA Approved Food processing
You may wonder why we are listing FDA approved methods for food processing in this section. The reason is that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the USA) has approved the use of frequency therapy methods to remove pathogens from foods. This shows that the FDA does accept the efficiency of these methods in the food industry.

Electricity, Frequencies and Cancer
There have been a number of research papers showing a link between the use of electricity and/or frequencies for the treatment of cancer going all the way back to an article in The Lancet from 1880. We have assembled here a selection of relevant papers for your reference

Healing with Electricity
There have been a number of papers discussing the use of pused freqency devices for healing purposes.

Physics of Electrotherapy
There have been a number of papers discussing the physics behind the use of electrotherapy devices, as used in Rife equipment. Some of these papers will be a bit involved for the non-scientific mind.

Rife's microscopes were revolutionary in both resolution and magnification even compared to today's microscopes. One of the most common critiscisms is the alleged ability to resolve beyond the Abbe limit, which restricts most optical microscopes even today. We look at some of the research work that provide some confirmation for the capabilities of Rife's microscopes.

Additionally, have a look at the documents released by Steve Haltiwanger for more background.

We are currently preparing a large number of documents for release, here. Come back soon for more electrotherapy related published papers.

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