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Rife Related Links!
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When I first heard about Rife technology, back in 1994, it was very hard to find any information on the subject. Now there are hundreds of websites discussing the subject.

I personally run the following websites:

The Rife Forum
An international forum for research into the microscope and resonance therapy,developed by Royal Raymond Rife, as well as their modern counterparts. This is the largest Rife related online forum where you can discuss the technology with experts.

The Rife Wiki
An online Wiki encyclopedia (like Wikipedia) about everything related to Royal Rife and the technologies he invented. As this project was started in October 2007, please have patience while the various articles are written.

Grayfield Optical Inc.
A company setup to market the Ergonom microscope into English speaking countries. The Ergonom microscope is a modern optical microscope with resolutions better than 100 nanometers and capable of viewing living organisms without staining for prelonged periods at high magnifications.

The following websites are highly recommended:

Stan Truman's
Stan Truman has a massive website concentrating primarily on the historical records related to the work of Royal Raymond Rife. If you are looking for historical background information, this is the place to go.

Dr. Nenah Sylver, Ph.D. - The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing
The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing will give you a good overview of what Rife Technology is about including little-known information about complementary therapies that can be used with the Rife technology. With the rapid increase of cancer and infectious diseases, the potential of Rife Technology is invaluable.

James Bare's Rife Technologies
James Bare is one of the principle researchers that developed a new design of Rife unit using plasma tubes, commonly known as Rife/Bare.

The Consolidated Annotated Frequency List
Brian McInturf (commonly known as turf) has put together The Consolidated Annotated Frequency List which is looked on as the standard list of frequencies used in the Rife world.



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