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The Rife Forum is currently being restored.

Following Websites are affected:


Status Report: 5 October 2011

The Rife Forum went offline on 25 September after technical problems with one of the hard disks used on the webserver. As a RAID configuration is used, the secondary hard disk still contains all the data and we do not expect to lose any data.

For safely reasons, we have made a complete backup of the server externally before making a changes to the system. This has been completed and the faulty hard disk have now been exchanged and the system restored via the RAID system.

The websites went online again on Oct. 4, but unfortunately they had been restored as they were in February 2010. Apparently, the RAID had not synced properly since that date and they restored the older hard disk. Unfortunately, it was not possible to locate the other disk with the latest data, so it will be necessary to rebuild the system from our backups. The biggest bottleneck being uploading many GB of data through a 2MB line. Such uploads will take a long time to complete, unfortunately.

As we have stored the current data offline, we will be able to rebuild the forum from our own backups.

We hope this will complete within the next few days. We will post updates on this page.

Either way, the forum data is safe and the Rife Forum will be returning as it was when it went offline.

As an alternative, you can join the Rife Yahoogroup which we also run.

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© 1999-2017, Peter Walker
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